Head: ‘They’ll hold me responsible if I let vaccines happen’

Children at a north London Catholic secondary school are being targeted by anti-vaccine campaigners.

Niamh Arnull, head of Finchley Catholic High School for Boys, told The Sunday Times her pupils had been intimidated by protestors who have them leaflets which claimed Covid-19 vaccines are unsafe.

She said: “They were worried about being approached by adults in that way.

“If we see strangers we’re always on alert. But it’s the first time we were definitely sure it was antivaxers.”

Tomorrow, the school is sending out letters about vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds. And the anti-vaxers aren’t happy.

Niamh said: “As head, I’m getting targeted mail from different groups — professionally produced posters and things — which say they’ll hold me criminally responsible if I let vaccines happen on my site.”

Full story at The Sunday Times.

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