The last three nuns

The Bon Sauver convent on Anglesey is down to its last three nuns – and there is nobody to replace them.

At its height, their convent school included 150 pupils and 18 sisters, and at its head was Sister Miranda Richards.

Headmistress at the age of 25 and an ex-pupil of the school, Sister Miranda lead the school for eight years.

"This is the first time we haven't got people behind us," she says. "We are the first generation of sisters for a long time who have had to prepare our demise. I can't see anybody replacing us in Holyhead. I imagine the convent in Holyhead will close down and eventually. It will be no more."

The BBC Wales production shows how these three women – Miranda, Margaret and Sylvia – are adapting to a new role, helping the only priest on the North Wales island.

Sisters of the Bon Sauveur is available on BBC iPlayer until November.

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