Students step into the gap of social justice

A group of 18-26-year old students have opted to spend their gap year working with children and young people to raise awareness around global issues and the climate crisis.

CAFOD's Step into the Gap programme helps young people aged 18-30 develop leadership skills through a one-year placement in the UK starting in September 2021. 

Richard Keane (pictured centre), is a 25-year-old History graduate from Newcastle Under Lime.

He said: “The programme is a terrific opportunity to use my faith to help others, and to make a difference in the world, particularly concerning climate change.”

Among other activities, the volunteers will be working with youth organisations to promote Eyes of the World, a national youth-led campaign that uses creative ‘eye’ displays to urge UK and world leaders to support the world's vulnerable communities affected by the climate crisis, at the climate conference COP26 in November.

Sofie Pereira, an 18-year-old Arts student from Colchester said: “Step into the Gap is a wonderful opportunity to educate myself on the global issues around the world and fight for global justice. It’s a great way to make a real impact.

“I believe being part of CAFOD is a great way to continue to use my faith for the better and a good stepping-stone for my journey into primary education.”

And Julie Corcoran, from CAFOD's young leadership team, said the scheme gave young people a chance to know their actions are bring about change.

“This year is such a vital year for the world in order to respond to the climate emergency we're facing,” she said.

"And we know that it's impacting those we work with around the world hardest.

“By volunteering with us this year, the volunteers have an opportunity to get involved first-hand and to know that their actions are bringing about change.”

CAFOD’s Step into the Gap programme aims to inspire young adults to advocate for vulnerable and marginalised communities, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

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