St Bernadette relics to visit the UK next year

The relics of Saint Bernadette will travel from the Upper Basilica in Lourdes to every Catholic Cathedral in the UK in 2022.

The Catholic Bishops Conference (CBECWE) has announced that each dioceses will host the relics, which include a bone from her thigh, for two days on a yet to be announced date next year.

The remains of Saint Bernadette are preserved in a shrine in the town of Nevers, 700 kilometers north of Lourdes. Bernadette joined the convent in Nevers in 1880 to escape the attention of pilgrims.

The invitation to host the relics was issued by the Shrine of Lourdes to the Bishops of England and Wales.

Canon Thomas said: “It was a genuine offer made by the shrine in Lourdes," said Canon Christopher Thomas, the general secretary of the CBCEW.

“The bishops saw this as not only something that will remind us of the importance of pilgrimage in our lives and the importance of the place of Lourdes in the life of many Catholics and dioceses in this country, but it will remind us of the centrality of the lives of the saints because this always points us to that greater degree of virtue that we are called to in our living of the Catholic faith.”

Thousands of Catholics from across the UK visit Lourdes on pilgrimage every year.

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