Priest quits social media after receiving ‘hurtful’ comments

The priest who tried to administer the last rites to MP Sir David Amess before he died has quit social media after facing a torrent of abuse for “not doing enough”.

Father Jeffrey Woolnough tried to administer the last rites to the Catholic MP who was fatally stabbed on October 15.

But police did not allow the Leigh-on-Sea priest to enter the crime scene.

"Most people have been so kind with messages of support, Fr Woolnough told the BBC. “Others have accused me of capitulating at the scene," he said.

He said he "foolishly" tried to defend his actions on social media but it "stirred up a hornet's nest" so he deleted his Twitter account.

"I was trying to let people know I had tried my very best but apparently my best wasn't good enough," he said.

The "Amess amendment" has since been proposed to ensure access for Catholic priests, including at crime scenes.

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