Popemobiles in motion

From sedan chairs and rococo carriages to Pope Francis's 1984 Renault 4, Popes in Motion is the latest video from Vatican News showing the treasures of the Vatican Museum.

"Before travelling by car, the Pope would travel by carriage rather than by litter or sedan chair," explains Sandro Barbagallo, curator of the Vatican's Historical Museum.

"The means of transportation were not chosen to enhance the nobility of the Pope's authority, but to facilitate his mobility, since the popes were normally elected in old age."

The most recent vehicle – although far from the newest – is Pope Francis’s Renault 4. Registered in 1984, it has a 200,000 mile charitable history.

The car previously belonged to Fr Renzo Zocca, a priest who lived on the outskirts of Verona. In 2013, he decided to restore it and give it to the Holy Father. Autocar included the vehicle on its 2019 list of "The Greatest Popemobiles".

See the video above or click here to watch on YouTube.

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