‘Please come home because we love you’

Southwark Archdiocese is inviting people to “Come Home”.

With Mass attendance dwindling as a result of Lockdown, the archdiocese is inviting people to return to Mass for Christmas.

The “Come Home” initiative recognises that, over the last 18 months, joining live-streamed services has become the norm.

“New routines have evolved,” it says, “and is natural to feel nervous about going back to church after so much uncertainty and change.”

But in video message to accompany the initiative, Archbishop John Wilson says: “We need you and we miss you.”

The pandemic has been a challenging time, he says, but we still need to feel part of a community that shares common beliefs.

“It’s so important that we gather together as disciples of the Lord Jesus,” says the archbishop.

“Of course we can live our faith at home and we should.

“But none of us are DIY disciples. We need the Church. We need each other.

“And we are most beautifully the Church when we gather around the altar for the celebration of the Mass.”

Archbishop Wilson particularly welcomes those who haven’t been to church for a while and he says to those who have never been involved, “I welcome you”.

He says: “Whatever your circumstance, however you’re hearing this message, please know that we want to provide a welcome for you this Christmas.

“Please come because we love you and we want to give you a great welcome.”

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