New SVP centre opens in Cardiff

The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, and Archbishop George Stack will be among the dignitaries at the opening of a new community support centre in the Ely district of Cardiff on 22 November.

Run and managed by the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP), St Vincent’s Ely Bridge, formerly St Clare’s church, on Mill Road, seeks to address the multiple challenges facing parts of the community.

Manager, Nathan Harding, says: “There is a strong spirit of community in Ely, and it just needs a catalyst to really come together and prosper.

“St Vincent’s Ely Bridge aims to be that catalyst and become the heart around which the community can strengthen its foundations.

“Our overarching ethos is to provide the building blocks for a secure future by giving the people of Ely the practical support they need to escape poverty.”

In-work poverty is a major issue in Ely with around 50% of children living in low-income households.

Unemployment rates are also high - in approximately 15% of Ely households, adults with dependent children are unemployed, compared with around 5% in less deprived areas of Cardiff.

During the consultation phase of the project, the local community placed services for young people high on the agenda.

Former church building will help the homeless.

St Vincent’s, Wirral, offers hope to the community.

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