Joanna breaks down language barriers

A teaching assistant has overcome her own language barriers to help other parents who speak little English with home learning throughout the pandemic.

Joanna Kuzimska, 38, who moved from Poland to the UK in 2005, produced education packs and recorded videos in her native language for parents at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Warndon.

During the first lockdown last year, Polish-speaking parents at St Joseph’s told teachers they were finding it difficult to help their children with the work they were being set at home because they struggled to understand it themselves.

Joanna came up with a set of games translated into Polish to help with grammar, sentence structure and phonics, and produced a series of maths videos, also in Polish.

The mum of two said: “My own experiences mean I can understand how hard it can be for EAL children and parents. I know how I felt when I did not have a clue what people wanted from me because I couldn’t understand them."

You can read more of Joanna's story here.

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