From Ramsgate to Oxford on foot

A group of Dominican friars is walking from Ramsgate to Oxford, in the footsteps of their 13th century predecessors.

The first Dominicans arrived in England 800 years ago. Now, Fr Toby, Fr Sam, Br Bede and Br John are recreating the latter part of that journey to mark the anniversary.

Having set out on 01 August, the brothers will arrive at Oxford on 15 August.

English Provincial, Fr Martin Ganeri, said: This is a time to reflect upon the journey made by the first of our friars, travelling from the heart of the Order, from St Dominic in Bologna, all the way up to Britain to begin a new mission in a land that had just recently seen the battles between King John and the barons.

“I wonder what those first men felt as they approached our shores. Trepidation? Eager anticipation?

“Certainly, though, their warm reception in England is undeniable, and led to the rapid growth in the century that followed.”

Anyone wishing to join part of the pilgrimage – or who would like to send prayer requests – can do so via the Dominican Jubilee website.

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