David Oakley wants to break free

Freddie Mercury sings of "fundamental features of the human condition", in the 1984 hit, I Want to Break Free, says Bishop David Oakley.

The bishop of Northampton told BBC Radio 2: "You can look at this from a number of perspectives, but it certainly seems to concern some fundamental features of the human condition; feeling trapped, loneliness, freedom and love."

Bishop Oakley was taking part in a special series of Pause for Thought to mark Freddie Mercury's 75th birthday which would have fallen on Sunday 05 September.

He said: "Five times, Freddie Mercury sings, ‘God knows’. Actually, I think that’s really true, and what makes life free and exciting for me is when I can begin to trust those words."

• You can read the full text of Bishop David's Pause for Thought here.

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