Crowdfunding campaign for Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to build The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, in the heart of England.

The piece of public art will be constructed using one million bricks, with most of those bricks featuring an answered prayer. And each prayer can be read by pointing a mobile phone at a specific brick.

Archbishop Bernard Longley has welcomed this ecumenical project which sits in the heart of his diocese.

He said: “The local Catholic community looks forward to playing its part in supporting this work so that together we can leave a legacy of faith for generations to come.”

Mgr Timothy Menezes, Dean of St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham, is a member of the project’s Council of Reference.

He said: “You know all those prayers you’ve been saying all your life? Would you be able to put into words the answers you have received to at least some of these prayers?

“This wall will be built of one million bricks and will have built-in technology so that a mobile phone will be able to be held up to any given brick and to reveal an answer to prayer.

“As you can imagine, the wall needs funding and so any donations are welcome. Maybe to send in an answer to prayer (from any time of your life) with a donation makes the Wall of Answered Prayer truly a project of many people.”

The crowdfunding campaign will be launched on 13 September.

• For further information visit The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer.

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