College which turned away students acted ‘ethically and morally’

A college which turned away students the day before they were due to enrol, says it responded “ethically and morally” to the situation.

Notre Dame Catholic College, Leeds, had given new students specific slots for their enrolment. But, on Wednesday, many students received a text telling them the college was full and the following day’s appointments had been cancelled.

The college's website currently says, “Enrolment will be taking place from Monday 16 to Thursday 19 August.

“Closer to the time, we will send you a detailed enrolment pack in the post. This will explain you will need to bring with you to your appointment and how to enrol if you can't make these dates.”

There is no mention of offers being withdrawn ahead of the enrolment period, disappointed parents and students told their local newspaper.

But, today, the college issued a statement saying it had been “over-subscribed for a number of years” and had “responded ethically and morally to a unique set of circumstances”.

The statement said: “There is enormous pressure on places in successful sixth forms and colleges across the country.

“We have therefore been in the unprecedented position of being full after three days of enrolment.

“We know we have acted as ethically and morally as we could have under such difficult circumstances.

“We understand the disappointment this has created, and we are frustrated that we are unable to offer any more places.

“All students have been added to our waiting list, but unfortunately, the College is experiencing at local level a very real national problem.”

• The Grapevine has approached Notre Dame Catholic College for further clarification.

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