Celebrating Northampton’s Catholic Schools

Bishop David Oakley encouraged students to become the best person they can become as he celebrated Mass for the students, staff, governors and directors of all Catholic schools across Northampton Diocese.

Eachof our Catholic schools sent representatives to St Mary’s Catholic Church in Dunstable this week to celebrate Catholic education together.

Usually, the church would be packed with students, however due to COVID-19 restrictions attendance was significantly restricted.

Referring to the reading from Genesis, Bishop David reminded all present that they are deliberately made and should always aim to fulfil what God is calling them to do.

They may not feel like the most intelligent or best at sport but God has called them, and only them to do Him service.

This year the theme was St Joseph and Bishop David asked each school to reflect upon “what does it mean to be a school with the character of St Joseph?”

Speaking to the school leaders, he acknowledged that they must have their feet firmly on the ground and anticipate the dangers around them, so that all the students may have the opportunity for the best education possible.

You view the whole of Bishop David’s homily here.

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