CAFOD's humanitarian aid following Haiti earthquake

CAFOD is working with local Church organisations to provide urgent humanitarian aid for families affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

The magnitude-7.2 earthquake struck Haiti on Saturday.

As the search continues through the rubble, the current death toll is more than 1,200 people and up to 6,000 people are injured.

Local aid workers are carrying out rapid assessments on the scale of the damage and the immediate needs of people.

Buildings have collapsed including an estimated 10,000 homes, churches, schools and hospitals.

In Les Cayes, the residence of Cardinal Chibly Langlois, president of the Haitian Bishops' Conference, was damaged, and the Cardinal was injured. A priest staying in the house was killed.

Director of Caritas Haiti, Father Jean-Herve Francois, said: “The entire Caritas Haiti network, especially the emergency team, is participating in coordination and aid operations in three affected departments. They have already reached there. The needs of the population are immense. There is an absolute demand for food, water, tents, hygiene kits and first aid.”

Pope Francis has called for prayers for Haiti, and for global solidarity. He offered his encouragement to the survivors and hopes that the help of the international community might reach them.

If you are able to help CAFOD’s work in Haiti, visit their website to donate.

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