‘Ava will have taken heaven by storm’

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of 12-year-old Ava White who died last after being stabbed in Liverpool city centre.

The congregation applauded as the photo-covered coffin was carried into the city’s Metropolitan Cathedral and again when it departed.

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon said there was “little sadder than the death of a child”.

He said: "The grief we are experiencing today is overwhelming, so my deepest sympathy, and that of the Catholic Community, goes out to Ava's family and her friends."

The archbishop said Ava would "try anything" and "didn't fear anything" so will not "be afraid to step into the life of God."

He said: "Some of you will remember her as a daredevil who always brightened up the day of those present.

“This strong-willed girl, Ava, was loved by so many people.

“Heaven will be a happier place because of her exuberance. She will undoubtedly have taken it by storm.”

Ava White, died of what police called “catastrophic injuries” following an alleged attack in Liverpool city centre shortly after the switching on of the Christmas

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