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The UK has a fine tradition of Catholic newspapers, dating back nearly 200 years. But times are changing and few of us look to print products these days. During 18 months of lockdown, we came to appreciate the Internet. And that's how The Catholic Grapevine was born.

We're not a theological journal. There are other places for such matters and you'll see that we often direct you, via a link, to our friends on other publications.

We're just a portal for sharing good news among friends – perhaps we have more in common with the parish social club than with the pulpit.

Friends sometimes differ and we won't always agree. So please use our
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The Catholic Grapevine is not funded by the Church or by any businesses. And we're hoping you may wish to contribute to our work. If so, visit the Donate page. But, please, don't donate more than you can easily afford.

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