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Vaxxing, diving and debate by Nick Baty

To vax or not to vax. French religious leaders have called on their respective flocks to become their brothers’ keepers. Being vaccinated, they say, is about looking after everyone else. But, cried a young Newcastle woman on Radio 4, it’s all fake: “I wouldn’t have it. You don’t know what they’re putting in your body.” And a young man in London told a reporter he didn’t have the time. “They keep sending me appointments when I’m busy,” he said.


Meanwhile, in America, 80% of Hispanic Catholics are happy to accept vaccination. And the Jewish community is most likely to be vaccinated with 85% in favour of the jab. The data from the Public Religion Research Institute showed that up to 25% of evangelicals would not accept the vaccine.

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Jubilation at Notre Dame Sixth Form College, Leeds. Former pupil Matty Lee, with diving partner, Tom Daly, won Gold in the synchronised 10-metre platform event at the Tokyo Olympics. Matty told Entertainment Daily that, when he was younger, he’d been bullied and teased about his diving. He said: “It’s funny because, when I got to Year 11 and started being successful, people started being exited and raving about it. Now they all want to talk to me. It’s funny how things change.”

Interesting to read about the Catholic artefacts which adorned Thomas Cromwell’s London home. Cromwell, remember, was the man who stripped the monasteries and parish churches of their art. This was a time of violent religious division. No late-night radio debates here. If you disagreed with the status quo, you faced a very public execution. These days, fallen politicians are named and shamed on the front pages of the more salacious newspapers. No Laura Kuenssberg interview for Cromwell. He was simply beheaded.